What is Everyday Low Sales Pricing?

Here at Colonial Honda, we want to make it easy for you to buy a pre-owned vehicle.

As the times change, we’re changing too.

We have just rolled out our "Every Day Low Pricing" - what this means is we pre-discount all our used car inventory to an "Every Day Low Price" which is usually several thousand dollars below NADA Retail.

We use a state-of-the-art pricing software which analyzes every pre-owned vehicle for sale on the internet within 250 miles of our dealership.

Each night, all our vehicles’ prices are automatically adjusted to be at or below market value for that particular vehicles Year, Make, Model, Options, and Mileage.

Additionally, we clearly mark our "Every Day Low Price" right on the window of every pre-owned vehicle on the lot.

Everyday pricing

We have found many customers get upset and aggravated when they are quoted one price on the lot, and then find a lower price online.

We have changed all that.

We now put our best price right on the window, and that’s the best price for that vehicle on that given day.

Breaking News – Update!

Since we rolled out Every-day low Sales Pricing in June of 2013 here at Colonial Honda, we have had a record increase in sales of our pre-owned vehicles.

Why is it a success? We realize Customers WANT transparency. They do not want to be lied to, or find one price on the lot, and another price online.

That being said – how do we handle when we want to put a vehicle “ON SALE” and temporarily lower the price?

Rather than reprinting a new window sticker during the sale, we will simply place a yellow REDUCED sticker on the window next to the original window sticker.

This will alert you that this vehicle is ON SALE right now, and a lower price may be temporarily found online!

So keep your eyes open for the Yellow Stickers for Savings!



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