Lease End Options


It's a good idea to start thinking about your lease-end choices, especially if your current leased vehicle does not meet your needs, if you want to lower your payments, your lease is almost over, or have mileage penalties and/or damage on your current leased vehicle. Our lease termination and buy out center can assist you in making the decision that's right for you, and in most cases help you avoid any and all costly penalties you may owe to your leasing company.


We have dedicated one individual to assist you with all Lease-End options in a seamless and pain-free manner:


Maria Pestana

Maria Pestana, Customer Retention Manager
(888) 246-3057


You Have A Few Options To Choose From:


Option 1: Return your leased vehicle and buy or lease another from us. (Even if you didn't lease it here.) Option 2: Drop off your leased vehicle at our lease termination center, even if you did not lease your vehicle from us. We will give you a ride home. Please schedule your appointment to do so ahead of time so the process is done quickly for you. Option 3: Purchase your leased vehicle - we will take care of everything.


You do not have to wait until Lease-End to do this.


Option 4: Sell your leased vehicle to our Lease Buy Out Center. Even if you have payments remaining ,we will buy your vehicle and end your current lease. No purchase is required.


Options 1 and 4 may help you avoid all mileage and/or damage penalties you owe to your leasing company.


Option 1: Return Your Leased Honda And Buy Or Lease A New Honda


This option is convenient, easy, and best of all, you get to drive off in a brand new vehicle! We'll be happy to show you the latest models and discuss your options. You will need to schedule a free vehicle inspection with us, simply email us for more information. In many cases due to increased Trade-in values, you can often lower your monthly payment with little or no cash due out of pocket!


Option 2: Return Your Leased Honda To Us Even If You Didn't Lease It Here


If you select this option, your lease concludes when you turn in your vehicle to us. You will need to schedule a free vehicle inspection with us soon, please contact us. You will be responsible for any outstanding payments, excess wear and use, excessive miles, and any other end-of-term obligations specified in your lease agreement. We make it simple, just visit us and we can take care of all the necessary paperwork.


Option 3: Purchase Your Leased Honda


Buying your leased vehicle is a great way to continue benefiting from its reliability, performance, and high resale value. If you decide to buy your vehicle, there is no need to have it inspected, since there are no excess wear and use or excess mileage charges to worry about. Low Financing rates (as low as 2.99%) and discounted Extended Warranty Plans are available for lessees who wish to purchase a leased vehicle.


Your next step is contact Maria Pestana, our Retention Manager at 508-996-6800 or email, so we can discuss your options. The whole process is simple and takes about 30 minutes.


Colonial Honda will often purchase your current leased vehicle. If you have mileage penalties or want to end your automotive lease, Colonial Honda may be your best option.

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